Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tasty Tuesday... Ramen Noodle Stew

Ramen Noodle Stew

6 - 8 chicken pieces, skin removed (drumsticks and/or thighs)
4 carrots, cut into chunks
1 small onion, sliced very thin
2 c. water
2 pkg chicken flavored ramen noodles

Place chicken, carrots, and onion in slow-cooker.
In a large measuring cup, mix water with the two seasoning packets from the noodles.  Pour over chicken & vegetables.
Cover and cook on Low for 6 - 8 hours, or until chicken is tender and falling off the bone.
Remove chicken from pot and de-bone so you have large chunks of chicken.  Discard bones.  As you are de-boning, turn crock-pot on high.
Return chicken to pot. 
Break up ramen noodles into large pieces.  Put in crock-pot.  Stir to make sure noodles are covered in broth.
Cover and cook on High for 5 - 8 minutes, until noodles are cooked.

Serve in deep bowls, making sure each serving has plenty of chicken, carrots, and noodles in each bowl.


***** I don't recommend adding extra salt to this recipe, as the seasoning packets contain plenty of sodium.  We like fresh cracked pepper on our individual servings.

*****you can use boneless breasts in this recipe.  Just shred the chicken instead of de-boning.  I prefer bone-in pieces because I think it gives the broth alot of extra flavor.

*****a small salad and some warm rolls round out the meal.


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